Therapy isn't linear

Illustration depicting the journey of therapy, from @ocddoodles on Instagram

This is one of my favourite therapy images and I hold it in mind, not just for my journey, but also for my clients.

I see myself as being a small part of your journey; I might be the one to hand you the towel as you begin your fight or help educate you when you need to understand what is happening to you. I may be the one who lights your way out of the fog, or moves the ladder so you can reach it. I can be the supporting act when you begin to catch your setbacks sooner than you have before. But I am just a teeny part of your picture.

You may work with me for a long time, you may decide one session is enough. You may leave and come back, you may find another therapist for the next step. I’m still a teeny bit. The one who helps you reach the next peak and then waves you off to climb your next mountain.

The journey to healing from trauma can be rocky, just as life without trauma is rocky. A person who doesn’t need to come to therapy still has to scale obstacles and learn how to overcome setbacks.

Going through ups and downs during therapy is normal and I guess this illustration depicts that beautifully for me. With thanks to @ocddoodles (Instagram) for creating it.