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The Coffee Quarters – August

2022-07-19T16:32:04+00:00July 19, 2022|The Coffee Quarters Blog Posts, Therapy Quarters Blog Posts|

We're trying something new this month and holding our first evening networking meeting. Hopefully you'll all be able to join us to welcome Kevin Benson at 19:30 on the 4th August, what better way to spend a Thursday evening than with coffee, cake and great company? You can request to join the session up to 7pm the evening before by clicking here

The Coffee Quarters – July 2022

2022-06-22T16:42:05+00:00June 22, 2022|The Coffee Quarters Blog Posts|

This month's coffee quarters will be focussing on creativity in the therapeutic process. We're inviting you to bring along experiences where you have stepped outside the "norm" and joined your client with creative work. Ideas of what works and doesn't, what you'd like to try but haven't, mistakes you've made or successes you've had would be very welcome. Please come prepared to share your experience in this interactive session. If you would like to register your interest, please click here to complete our enquiry form so we can send the Zoom invitation to you. You can register to attend up to 7 pm the night before the session.

An Interview with… Karen Harrison

2022-07-08T12:54:29+00:00June 22, 2022|An Interview with..., Therapy Quarters Blog Posts|

Humans are naturally inquisitive so being in therapy can often throw up some anxiety about our therapist; who really are they anyway? How do they cope when things get tough? What brought them to this point in their life? The therapeutic relationship is one like no other. One where the focus is on us, the client. We explore ourselves, how we connect with others and the world around us, we look at our past and our hopes for the future and often our inquiries of our therapist go unanswered in favour of why it’s important for us to ask the question. Here we will introduce you to some of our team so you can get to know a little more about them without it impacting your sessions where their focus is, rightly, on you. We asked our therapists 10 questions and we will publish their answers in a series of blog posts. So, grab a cuppa (and a biscuit [...]

Therapy isn’t linear

2022-05-29T10:20:33+00:00May 26, 2022|Therapy Quarters Blog Posts|

Illustration depicting the journey of therapy, from @ocddoodles on Instagram This is one of my favourite therapy images and I hold it in mind, not just for my journey, but also for my clients. I see myself as being a small part of your journey; I might be the one to hand you the towel as you begin your fight or help educate you when you need to understand what is happening to you. I may be the one who lights your way out of the fog, or moves the ladder so you can reach it. I can be the supporting act when you begin to catch your setbacks sooner than you have before. But I am just a teeny part of your picture. You may work with me for a long time, you may decide one session is enough. You may leave and come back, you may find another therapist for the next step. I’m still a [...]

Time To Talk

2022-03-12T22:20:15+00:00March 12, 2022|Uncategorized|

Karen Harrison, our clinical director, has been a passionate member of the psychotherapy community for over 24 years. Like most of us, she came into this profession because of personal experience of mental health issues in her family. Karen’s intention has always been to help as many people as she can which is why The Therapy Quarters exist. Recently, Karen was interviewed by BBC Radio Stoke about her practice and the difficulties many people have been faced with over the COVID-19 pandemic. A recording of that interview is here: The conversation took place on “time to talk” day – a day the nation gets together to be open to having difficult, heartfelt conversations with people around us. The aim is to reduce some of the stigmas still attached to those of us who have difficulties with our mental health. You can find out more here: https://timetotalkday.co.uk/ At the Therapy Quarters, we hold this day close to our [...]

Our New Website

2022-02-20T18:30:59+00:00December 29, 2021|Therapy Quarters Blog Posts|

All of us at The Therapy Quarters are delighted to show off our brand-new website We have all worked hard to bring a well designed and easy to navigate website, to not only help those in search of our therapy services - but fellow mental health professionals, to help create a happy, healthy community in our local area.

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